How a DUI Affects Your Auto Insurance

Driving under the influence of alcohol can ruin or take your life and the lives of those around you. If you are killed, your family would be devastated emotionally, but they may also be devastated financially. If you are the breadwinner in your family, the survivors will have to learn how to survive without your support. If you take another life with your DUI, your family could be sued for tremendous amounts of money.

DUI Repercussions

If you do drink and drive and are lucky enough not to kill yourself or anyone else, a DUI will still be devastating. To start, you will lose your license and your driving privileges will be revoked. You are also likely to incur some pretty hefty fines, possibly up to $10,800 or more, and you may even serve time in jail. None of this sounds like a good time, but the truth is that this is just the start. Once you finish serving your time and your suspension is finally over, you are going to find that the cost of the DUI is still ongoing.

SR-22 Insurance

When it comes time to get your driver’s license back, you are going to have to endure some pricey hoops. You’ll incur costs to get your license back. You’ll also have to try to find car insurance that will accept you. You will, no doubt, have been dropped by your previous insurance company. You will be considered a very high risk driver and your premiums are going to reflect that. You’ll likely have to get SR-22 insurance from a state approved insurance agency. This can often cost you more than double the amount that you are used to paying for car insurance. You will have to carry the SR-22 insurance for a preset amount of time, depending on your state. Even after you have finished that time limit, your rates are unlikely to go down.

How Long will a DUI Stay on Your Record?

Depending on the state in which you live, a DUI can stay on your record anywhere from 3 years to life. You can rest assured that you will not see any favorable change in your insurance rates as long as the DUI is still on your record. Other blemishes on your record can make matters even worse. If you get a ticket or have an accident your rates will jump even higher. This is often the case even if the ticket or accident is on your record from prior to the DUI.

Getting Back Behind the Wheel

Getting back on the road after a DUI will take time and it will cost a large amount of money. The fees and fines alone can add up to no small amount even before you’re able to consider the possibility of getting your license back. Once you get yourself together, you can slowly work your way back to some semblance of where you started. It will be hard work and it will be expensive. If you were to repeat the past and get another DUI, things could get far worse.

Groupon.Com Review: Outstanding Deals, Local or Nationwide

When I first read about, I thought it sounded too good to be true. A website which allows hundreds of people to “share” a coupon-and a quality coupon, at that? I signed up on the website in September of 2010 to check the deals out for myself, and I have been an enthusiastic and loyal patron of the “Groupon” ever since.

Groupon Review: As Excellent As They Claim

Sure, once in awhile you’ll see a deal that doesn’t have 200+ purchasers within the first few hours, but those occurrences are few and far between. That’s how Groupon works, a company offers a fantastic discount but only if enough people buy; it may require two or two hundred for the deal to be “on” for all parties involved.

My very first Groupon caught my attention because of the practically of it. I purchased a Midas complete oil change, available at two locations, for $16-that’s 50% off the normal price, according to the advertisement. With as much as my husband travels for work, I simply couldn’t pass on a tip-top oil change from a trusted company.

Groupon Review: Local and National Merchants

Groupon offers deals by major cities, and Colorado has a page for both Denver and Colorado Springs. You’re free to check out other cities’ deals, but unless the merchant happens to be a nationwide vendor-or offer reasonable shipping costs-odds are, local is best. Besides, a lot of Groupons are offered by locally owned businesses, and throwing money back into the local economy is never a bad thing.

My most recent Groupon purchase was just before Christmas, when offered a $50 store credit for only $20; alternatively, I could have paid $50 and received $100 credit, but I opted to be more frugal. Since happens to be one of my favorite Web companies for jewelry-and I had already selected a present and placed it in my cart-that Groupon happened to be downright uncanny, and a perfectly good “free” $25 off my purchase.

Groupon Review: A Few Tricks of the Trade

Groupon offers a referral bonus of $10 in “Groupon Bucks,” credit which can be applied towards a future purchase, for every friend who signs up for the site and purchases a Groupon. You can share your link on Facebook, Tweet it to try and lure strangers into purchasing. Fortunately, the deals on Groupon are legitimate, and certainly worth passing along!

Another trick I love to use is monitoring Groupon deals in alternate cities via discount, coupon and deal websites. Countless blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook pages and egroups are dedicated to spreading the word about fantastic sales, promotional codes, and discounts. Many of these groups include Groupon deal information, specifically those available nationwide from a major retailer. I follow @dealplus and @frugalhavingfun on Twitter, and I highly recommend you find some Groupon-savvy grapevines to monitor as well. You never know when the Groupon in a city across the country will fit your needs!

Groupon Review: The Final Verdict

While an impossible-to-pass-up deal can often have us spending money we never intended to shell-out for something we don’t need but just can’t excuse buying on clearance, manages to be worth the risk. To date, I have saved over $200 with Groupon, and that is with only six purchases-three of which I was already in the market for, and was watching for sales. You can support local merchants, save 30-50% off purchases regularly, and learn about shops nearby you didn’t know existed. What isn’t there to like?

Get Traffic to Your Blog, Website, or Forums

Getting more targeted traffic in your forum may be hard. But don’t get disheartened yet! Here are a few methods that you can use that are able to increase targeted traffic, or perhaps even better, keep those who are previously going through your forum from shutting away their screen.

If you have been exploring the Internet for virtually any period of time, you most likely have got been to a forum to question an issue, find information, as well as mention a topic that interests you. This means if you need the discussion board to reach your goals, you ‘must’ have an overall subject matter location, as well as niche. Total “general” forums usually do not prosper in the beginning mainly because that they have simply no recommendations. Human nature makes us feel like we must follow rules, if they are not supplied, we are baffled and do not know what to do. Setting a theme for our forum is important because it singles out a specific thing that someone could be looking for.

As mentioned earlier, people visit discussion boards to get information. When we have tags about what you can learn, new recipes, new product reviews, keep it specific yet helpful. Don’t run around the question at hand give a good idea about what you want to accomplish and then tell the dirty truth about it. No one wants to see what everyone else already has. Additionally, you must react immediately. Nothing is worse then posting a comment or a question only to find that no one cares enough to have responded yet. The faster you reply, a lot more likely the user will be wanting to visit more often, basically keep them coming back for more.

Try not to have too many “sub” forums inside your overall forum. Obtaining twelve to fifteen “sub” discussion boards within your forum together with only a few articles does not look very productive. Merge the forum and possibly group distinct subject matter areas together. A new discussion board together with about three categories with lots of blog posts appears more impressive than a forum using 20 or so classes and just a couple of posts inside everyone.

What about for your new forums? Getting members can certainly be a difficult task. Start conversations within your community forum with yourself. Develop fifteen or twenty accounts that will create threads with plenty of posts. It is possible to let your “starter” accounts pass away after you obtain real users. Yet another excellent way of getting more action is to make your large web site announcements by way of your forum. This means that people must surf your own online community so that you can recognize what’s happening.

Overall, be accurate, make shade scheme look really good (simply no vivid colors, people always want to see the truth, not something made up with pretty colors and designs), have an ongoing topic, do not have too many types, and if you choose you can still have conversations with yourself! Just to think my mother always told me talking to myself was bad, well look at me now!

Facebook Vs Myspace Vs Youtube

A few years ago I started hearing about Facebook from friends and relatives who said they couldn’t get enough of the site. “I just loooove Facebook!” they would say with conviction and intense delight.

Being the history/research buff that I am, I decided to go to another one of my favorite sites Wikipedia and research the origins of Facebook simply because I was curious about all the hoopla.

Consequently, I started my own Facebook page [under a different name] and found that even though Myspace is not the Taj Mahal of social networking sites, I preferred it and Youtube for a few reasons. 

Myspace and Youtube Profile Pages Look Better than the Ones on Facebook

I consider myself to be quite computer savvy, but I could not figure out how to change the visual presentation of my Facebook profile page. Even the login page seemed quite bland to me and a bit uninviting. It’s been said that websites with plain white backgrounds sell more products than websites with colorful backgrounds — go figure. Perhaps that is due to a subconscious need for simplicity and clarity. If that is what you are after, the plain, uneventful format of Facebook will be right up your alley.

I prefer the colorful profile pages of Myspace and Youtube and find that I spend many more hours on those sites, specifically the latter. I log in to Facebook to accept friends that I already know who were recommended by friends that I don’t even associate with anymore, which leads me to my next point.

Can You Refer Some New Friends Please — and Not The Old Ones?

I love my family. Both my families on my mother’s and father’s sides are pretty large. Because we all live in the same general vicinity and visit the same churches, we are pretty close — hint hint.

I have found that on Facebook, when my family reaches out to me, the suggested friends are OTHER family members and old friends of family that I wouldn’t quite mind not ever seeing again and am really not interested in what they are doing. I know that sounds harsh, but I believe in progress, change, growth, spreading my wings and meeting brand new people with new ideas from different backgrounds. Unfortunately over 75% of all my Facebook friends are people that I was already familiar with prior to starting my Facebook account. There is minimal appeal for me to go and look for new people on Facebook like there is on Youtube — in my opinion, of course.

I’m Addicted to Youtube, Not Facebook

I could possibly make much more money on Yahoo if not for Youtube. Once I finally make up my mind to sit at my desk and gather thoughts for a new article, I find my fingers typing y-o-u-t…then I try to stop them and say to myself, You know what’s going to happen when you go to Youtube. I then lie to myself and tell me that one video, maybe two, won’t hurt anything. Four bleary-eyed hours later, I realize that I have once again lost an opportunity to crank out those 20 articles an hour. Dagnabbit, I’m just too nosy [which makes me a decent writer].

I love the different faces, points of views, homes and people on Youtube. Take me into your house and show me what you are doing, what you eat and how you live. I have been with myself all day and the last thing I want is to know what someone is doing who was raised by my mom’s sister….probably the same thing I was doing today. How can I broaden my horizons to the nth degree on Facebook? Don’t get me started on the silly little game invites and questions that I get from the younger members of my family who are on Facebook. Give me a break!

So there…. my reasons for preferring Myspace and Youtube to Facebook may definitely be my own, but perhaps you can see my point when you look at who your friends are on one of the fastest growing social networking sites today.

Death Benefits in Auto Insurance

Do you realize that most car insurance companies do not pay a death benefit in the case of a fatal automobile accident? One local family in Athens Pennsylvania learned the hard way in September when their 22-year-old daughter Stephanie lost control of her car and was fatally injured. Her full coverage from a nation wide automobile insurance company did not pay the funeral expenses for the young woman.

This is a very good reason specifically to ask your automobile insurance company if they have a death benefit in case a death occurs. This way your family is not left having to come up with the host cost of burial and other related expenses in their time of grief as Stephanie’s family has.

Stephanie came from an average small town American family and was in college, as is her younger sister Jen. Both girls worked in addition to college to pay their own way, with a little help from their parents. Both girls paid their own automobile insurance for this nation wide company and though they were covered. Their automobile insurance is from the same company their parents have used for years.

At the risk of litigation, I will not name this insurance company but I bet you can guess the name. If you have auto insurance that moves forward rather than stay behind you have the same one. In my way of thinking if you do carry full insurance you assume, you are covered every possible way. However, you may not be, so check the small print so your family is not paying funeral expenses out of pocket.

Stephanie’s parents have had to come up with all of these related funeral expenses out of pocket. Mother Missy is a home health aide and her father is a truck driver, like most Americans they do not have tons of extra cash sitting around for unexpected expenses such as this. No family such have to pay for such expenses when they have full coverage otherwise. The community had rallied around this family and held a benefit to raise some funds to help the family.

Missy is doing many interviews locally to inform the public about the fine print of the automobile insurance company she deal with. She wants to make sure that no other families have to endure the hardship of an insurance company while dealing with the loss of a child. I am quietly doing my share to help Missy and her family to get the word out there. Missy is more than just another family, she is a neighbor, and Jen the younger daughter had been here often. My heart still goes out to this family on the loss of their oldest daughter.

You will find very sparse information on this topic, because the companies do not want it to be known. If you are one of the families who learns of this first hand, than you feel the need to get the word out there so the public knows. Forward this article to anyone you know who had automobile insurance company and bug them to check their own policy so they are not caught unexpectedly.

Death coverage on auto insurance policies does not exist.

Creating a Family Christmas Blog

Have you heard of a Family Christmas Blog? Many families do printed family newsletters to send to family and friends at Christmas time. But what about something a little more updated, a little more flexible and fun? Try starting a family Christmas blog.

Creating a Family Christmas blog – Choose a Host

There are many great places on the web that will host your family Christmas blog for free. Some services to look at are Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad. I like using Blogger, because it’s very simple, yet flexible to use. Any of these popular blog hosting options are worth a look, though.

Creating a Family Christmas blog – Set the Theme

All major blogging services include theme templates to set the look and feel of your blog. To find the perfect theme for your family Christmas blog, though, you might have to do a little searching of the web. There are lots of free blog themes out there, and you are sure to find several Christmas blog themes, too. Just be sure that when you are searching for your theme, you search for one that matches your blog host.

Creating a Family Christmas blog – Make it a Team Sport

One of the best advantages of having a family Christmas blog, is that you can invite family members from all over to take part. For blogger users, it’s as simple as adding potential authors e-mails in the right box, and they’ll be able to post their own additions to the blog. Different hosts have different methods, but most offer team blogging. This is a great way to get the whole family involved in your Family Christmas Blog, whether they live down the hall, or around the world.

Creating a Family Christmas blog – Keeping it Private

Even if you are very excited about the idea of a family Christmas Blog, you may have some concerns about privacy. This can be especially important if you have children who are posting to your blog. Most blog host will allow you to set specific people (via e-mail) who may view your blog. This will help keep private information in the family. If this is important to you, check for this option when selecting a host for your family’s Christmas blog.

Creating a Family Christmas blog – What to Include

This is the perfect place to talk about what you have been up to for the last year. More than that, you can include pictures, holiday plans, and discussions of next year’s plans. Don’t forget to turn on comments, so your family and friends can discuss your updates and plans with you — and each other — as they read.

Creating a Family Christmas blog – Beyond the Season

If you have had fun with your family while working on your family Christmas blog, there is no reason to stop now. Maybe change out the theme, if you chose a Christmas one originally, but keep on posting. Encourage others to keep on posting, too. That way, by next year, there will be much less you’ll have to catch up on.

Compass Bank Eight Mile, Alabama – a Review

There are several banks located on State Road 45, St. Stephens Road, in Eight Mile, Alabama. As you drive through the center of Eight Mile looking for a bank, you need to ask yourself, “What do I want from my bank?” Most people want location and operational hours for their convenience. I wanted a bank that I could deposit cash money into and access the cash immediately with a debit card. No one likes to carry cash anymore, not even me.

One of my stops was Compass Bank on State Road 45, St. Stephens Road in Eight Mile, Alabama. Compass Bank is open on Saturday until noon. If you are looking for a bank with weekend hours for your convenience you may want to stop at Compass Bank.

The location isn’t the best due to the crime rate, but it certainly isn’t the worst. This is not a location that you would want to go to the bank after dark but for daytime use it is convenient.

Compass Bank is located in the center of Eight Mile in the center of the Eight Mile Shopping Center. It’s extremely convenient with a Post Office located directly behind the bank to the left in the same parking lot. If you are business banking, this is a great one stop location. You can go to the bank and get the mail all at one time in one location.

If you go inside to set up your account there are three offices to the right of the doorway. This is where the manager of the bank along with the “money/investment specialist” and another lady that opens up accounts. If she’s not there or busy then you go to one of the other offices.

One of the qualities I like in a bank is for the employees to know their bank. Management and people that open accounts should know their products especially when it is general questions.

I asked the same question to three people. Each person gave me the same wrong answer at Compass Bank. Either the people do not know their products or their banking policies have changed. My specific question was if I deposited cash money, not checks but cash, could I immediately have access to the cash. Could I walk out of the bank, drive down a block and get gas on my debit card? The answer to me from the management and people that set up the accounts, all three times was yes. The correct answer now that I have an account set up is “No”.

Everyone is friendly at Compass Bank except for the guy that works drive thru on Saturdays. He must just get out of bed on the wrong side. Don’t expect him to talk to you as he does your banking business unless you send him something confusing. I didn’t even get a “Hi” to know he was working on my deposit. Compass Bank is not the bank for me, but maybe someone else will want to use it. The bank is conveniently located and open on Saturdays for your banking convenience.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse By Dentsply VS. Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse By Teva

During a recent visit for periodontal surgery, my husband was prescribed chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse to help stabilize and maintain healthy gums. After the surgery the dentist advised him to use Chlorexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse 0.12% as part of his daily oral hygiene routine. As a convenience, the dentist’s office carried a supply of the oral rinse, Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse 0.12% by Dentsply. The rinse cost thirty dollars and was added to the office visit fee. My husband paid the office fee plus the cost of the oral rinse and headed home. He had been given a prescription by the dentist for a refill. When he needed to have the prescription filled for the Chlorexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse, we went to a local supermarket pharmacy in our neighborhood and were told the price would be approximately twenty eight dollars but the product was not in stock and would have to be ordered. The pharmacist then stated that the generic alternative of this product most probably could be purchased at WalMart if we did not wish to wait for the oral rinse to be ordered.

Off we went to WalMart where we were told that the prescription generic oral rinse would be approximately nine dollars. We stood there looking incredulously at the pharmacist and thought we had misunderstood his price quote. Do the math and you readily figure out that the price quoted at WalMart was a savings of twenty one dollars from the price paid at the dentist’s office and nineteen dollars in savings from the supermarket quote. It was truly an incredible savings. Of course, without further ado, my husband purchased the generic oral rinse at WalMart. When we arrived home, we compared the labels of the two products, the old bottle purchased at the dentist’s office and the recently purchased bottle. The two products were exactly the same including the directions outlining how to use the product. The only difference is that the two bottles of oral rinse were made by two different pharmaceutical companies, Oris and Dentsply. Both of the products had the same strength, 0.12%, and were both labeled Chlorexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse 0.12%. The label clearly states that Chlorhexidine gluconate is a generic for the Peridex 0.12% solution. Over time, you could buy three bottles of the mouthwash for what one bottle cost purchased in our dentist’s office or at our local supermarket pharmacy. My husband reports no difference whatsovever in the two products and they both are equivalent oral rinses. It made no sense to continue to pay the higher cost for the oral rinse when the generic is available and equally effective.

In this day of escalating medical and prescription costs, it is a blessing to be able to realize a significant savings when purchasing needed health items. We are appreciative that the pharmacist informed us of the generic form of the oral rinse which resulted in significant out of pocket savings. The lesson we learned is that is important to always ask your health care provider if a generic form of prescribed medication is suitable. If so, great savings are an added benefit. As consumers, we need to be knowledgeable and informed about our medications and to be receptive to taking a generic alternative if it is an option. It is always worth asking and it just might lower your out of pocket expense.

Awesome International Trip Ideas For Single Seniors For 2009-2010

Just because seniors are older citizens doesn’t mean that they don’t want to enjoy life by traveling and possibly even meet a companion if they’re single. Luckily, many travel companies realize this to be true as well and have created numerous opportunities for older adults to attend special trips created exclusively for their age group, some of them even overseas. If you’re a single senior who would like to take the adventure of a lifetime by traveling overseas on a vacation consisting only of other single seniors this winter then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the choices. Depending on exactly when you’d like to go and where you’d like to visit, the choices are endless. This guide gives you an overview of some of the absolute best choices available.

Grand Circle Travel

Since 1958, this company has been catering to trip planning for singles over the age of 50, and they even offer a roommate matching program to help eliminate the fear or reluctance that many single seniors feel regarding traveling alone. Another advantage of being paired up with a roommate is the savings, as you will pay less for double occupancy as opposed to single. It’s easy to plan a trip with Grand Circle Travel since where and when you go is up to you, and you can pay with a check or credit card right online. You can choose from worldwide river cruises, escorted trips, and even ocean cruises, whichever appeals to you most. Their sister company, Overseas Adventure Travel, allows you to choose from land adventures and small ship adventures. Some of the scrumptious meals that you can expect to enjoy aboard their ship are: Austrian wiener schnitzel, French profiterolles, fresh Adriatic seafood, Peking dumplings, Hungarian chicken paprikash, and much more. Complimentary local wines are served with your dinner, and you can also order fine wine and champagne if you choose. At the many vacation locations, there is the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, such as museums, sightseeing, shopping, and a great deal more. Trips cost as little as $800 for a single destination 7-day trip, to over $4,000 to go to Australia as well as 2 other destinations for 21 days.


This company is unique as they specialize in arranging trips for seniors over the age of 55 who will be accompanied by their grand children, for exciting learning adventures within the United States as well as 90 countries. Open since 1975, Elderhostel, a not-for-profit agency, arranges over 8,000 unforgettable trips at very economical prices. You can visit Paris and learn about its interesting history, or learn about ancient forts in Delphi. The sky is the limit when it comes to fun and learning through Elderhostel, and they also offer scholarships for those who wish to go on an adventure but aren’t able to pay. And if you prefer to go on an international cruise, there are many trips for you to choose from: Mexico, New Zealand, and much more. One trip that particularly interests many seniors is the Copper Canyon and the Sea of Cortez. Included in this trip for $3699 per person, is your 8-nights accommodations, 4 nights of which will be aboard the ship, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, kayaking, snorkeling, train travel, and a great deal more. For more information, contact Elderhostel at 1800-454-5768.

Cruises for Seniors

Whether you’re looking to go on the luxury cruise of your dreams, an educational cruise or a budget one, this company is the place that specializes in planning the perfect cruise for seniors. Travel to exotic destinations like Bermuda, Scandinavia, Europe and more. Wayne Hagadone, founder of Cruises for Seniors, is a senior himself, so he knows exactly what most people in the older age-group enjoy. In order to book a cruise with Cruise for Seniors, all you do is complete an online form with specifics like your budget, the destination you wish to visit, when you’d like to take the trip, and more and someone will get back with you with rates and other information. You can also call them directly at: 1-800-446-4938.

A Low Cost Way To Polish And Fix Lightly Scratched CDs

The steady increase in technology has given mankind more little frustrations than it ever dreamed it could cope with in one day…the pain it is to forget your email password, trying repeatedly to get the ATM machine to read your card to no avail, or lestening to your favorite part of your favorite song and it starts skipping! My God! What frustration! It’s enough to make someone want to flush a CD down a toilet-in fact, a friend of mine tried to do just that, and believe it or not, it fixed it. I wouldn’t suggest you do the same, unless you get really desparate (or really p.o’d), but if you’re faced with a similar frustration you might want to try what I do…

We’ve all seen those buffing-wheel thingys that advertise to fix scratches, just slip the CD in and turn the crank for about half an hour or until you have one big arm like popeye, whichever comes first, and you just buff the scratches out..I had one, and it worked, but it’s too complicated and usually too expensive. The same goes with those salves or creams or chemicals-god knows what they are- that you rub on and polish out, I’ve heard of people using the glasses-fixing juice advertised on tv to fix their CDs, with good results, but why? If you have a CD that isn’t scratched beyond all hope, and before you go spend upwards of $20 or $30 try this-find a white candle, unscented, and the more translucet the better-get a little tea candle that you can kinda see through on the sides when you hold it up to a light. First, make sure your CD is clean with a soft cloth that is also clean; you don’t want to scratch it further by dragging dirt across the surface. Clean it from the middle to the edge like you’re always told to do, then get the candle out. Make sure there are no metal bits or dirt and other dangerous things on your candle, if you have to use the tea candles that have the metal base, remove that and the little metal wick-holder. Put a coat of wax across the bottom of the CD, starting at the middle dragging to the edge-it doesn’t have to be thick, just coat it and polish off. Buff it with a soft cloth (hey, you’ve got one of those right?) and see if it’ll play…with me, nine times out of ten that’ll fix the problem, and it doesn’t cost me a thing; well, I had the candle sitting around already and just found a new use for it, but it shouldn’t cost more than 40 cents and you can use it hundreds of times. It won’t get those huge scratches that occur when yhou drop a CD on the pavement or play air-hockey with it, or whatever you people do, but it’ll get the superficial ones and it works on any media; DVD, CD-ROM, Game Cube, Xbox, probably even UMDs, if you can get it in the slot..

And if that doesn’t work, you can always get a $2.50 can of testors clear-coat spray-paint and put a nice coat on it in a still room and let dry fully-it’s a very risky procedure that I would only suggest using as a last-ditch effort on a CD that is about to have to be replaced at your expense-and that’s what I do. I hope it helps relieve one of the many little peeves in your life.